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At the beginning of May, Mozart obtains, even if unpaid, the post of Cathedral Kapellmeister (Master of Chapel) at St. Stephen in Vienna. He works assiduously at the composition of the Opera " Il flauto magico " (The Magic Flute) (K620), on Emmanuel Schikaneder's text. On April 26 his sixth son is born. The Earl Franz Walsegg-Stuppach, acting anonymously through an intermediary, commissions a Requiem Mass for his deceased wife Anna, with the intent to claim it as his own. At the end of August Mozart travels to Prague, with his wife Constanze and Franz Xaver Süßmayr, on the occasion of the coronation of Leopold II as King of Bohemia. On September 6 the Opera "La Clemenza di Tito" (KV 621) premieres at the National theatre of Prague. On September 30 the Opera " Il flauto magico " (The Magic Flute) is performed in Vienna. On November 20 Mozart takes to his bed. Until the end he tries to work on the unfinished Requiem. W.A. Mozart dies on December 5, a few minutes before one am. The funeral mass is celebrated in the Crucifix Chapel of Vienna's Cathedral. The modest funeral takes place in St. Marxer Friedhof cemetery, without his wife's presence. The cause of his death has never been cleared. The possibilities are tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, a heart failure, excessive bloodletting and poisoning by mercury. Even the hypothesis of murder, which always comes up, has however never been proved.

1756-1761 1789-1790      
Play-bill for the "Die Zauberflöte " première in 1791 in Vienna (ISM)