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Mozart meets Lorenzo da Ponte and together they work on a libretto. On June 17 Mozart's first son is born. After more than a year and half in Vienna Mozart and his wife Constanze visit for the first time his father and sister in Salzburg. On October 26, his Missa in C minor (KV 427) is performed in St. Peter's church in Salzburg, with Constanze singing as soprano. In just a few days Mozart writes the Duets for Violin and Viola in G major (KV 423) and in B Flat major (KV 424) for Johann Michael Haydn, unfortunately ill at the time. Whilst in Salzburg he learns of the sudden death of his son Raimund Leopold.


Starting from February 1784, Mozart compiles a "Catalogue of all my works". His son Carl Thomas is born. In December Mozart is admitted to the Viennese Masonic Lodge "Zur Wohltätigkeit" at the first level (as an apprentice) and, shortly after, he is promoted to the second level by the Lodge "Zur wahren Eintracht".


His father Leopold is also initiated into the Masonic Lodge "Zur wahren Eintracht". In November, the Maurerische Trauermusik (Masonic Funeral Music) (KV 477/479a) is performed for the Lodge "Zur gekrönten Hoffnung".

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The old Burgtheater of Vienna in Michaelerplatz (Museum of Vienna)