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Mozart is dismissed from his position at the service of the Archbishop and embarks on a long journey with his mother. On their way to Augsburg, mother and son go through Munich, where Wolfgang once again tries, unsuccessfully, to obtain a secure court employment. In Augsburg Wolfgang spends a lot of time with his cousin Maria Anna Thekla (called Bäsle). In Mannheim he falls in love with the singer Aloysia Weber.


In spring, Mozart and his mother leave Mannheim for Paris, where many of Wolfgang's works are performed, among others the Symphony in D major, No. 31, "Paris" (KV 297/300a). On July 3, his mother dies in Paris. Mozart returns to Salzburg deeply affected and passes through Mannheim - where he meets again Aloysia Weber, who however rejects him - and through Munich.


On January 17, 1779 Mozart is appointed once again court organist in Salzburg. Here he writes, among other works, the Missa in C major, "Coronation" (KV 317), the Serenade in D major, "Posthorn" (KV 320) and the Singspiel "Zaide" (KV 344/366b).

1756-1761 1772-1776   1780-1782 1791
Mozart's cousin, nicknamed Bäsle, of Augsburg, with whom the musician engaged for some time in a lively correspondence (ISM)